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Taking into account your specific business and research objectives, we will recommend an approach that we feel will provide you with the strategic insights you need. This might include one or more of the following research methods…

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Desk research

This involves reviewing and analysing secondary data, such as:

  • Past research studies and other client owned data
  • Online and off line reports, articles, reviews
  • Official statistics (e.g. Government or EU sources…)
  • Competitor websites and annual reports

Qualitative research

Mainly in-depth, exploratory discussions with relatively small samples of respondents. The data is collected by one or more senior, experienced researchers who have a thorough understanding of the target market and survey objectives:

  • Focus groups often with 7 or 8 participants
  • Face to face IDIs (individual depth interviews)
  • Paired interviews
  • Telephone depth interviews
  • Semi-structured telephone interviews
  • Online communities

Quantitative research

In general sample sizes are large in order to obtain statistically robust data. The questions are structured and the data is collected by field interviewers and/or via the internet:

  • Online
  • CATI (Computer aided telephone interviews)
  • Face to face interviews with paper questionnaires or CAPI (Computer aided personal interviews)


Outsourced market research services – We can provide these services for companies who don’t have their own internal market research resource or where there is short term need for additional insight support.

  • Review of internal data & / or past research
  • Market research project management, including…
    • Formulation of research needs and requests for proposals or quotes
    • Selection of suppliers
    • Project management and quality control
    • Provision of research interpretation and insights and on-going marketing support


  • For non UK based clients: We offer local industry knowledge & expertise and provide UK based research services and market insights
  • For UK based clients: We provide project management and analysis of studies where the fieldwork is conducted by our network of preferred overseas partners


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